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Digital Discovery & Trial began its electronic discovery services in 2001, years in advance of the explosive growth in the EDD industry. We have almost a decade of experience handling large and small electronic data discovery (EDD) projects.

Cost effective strategies include:

Meet & confer

Rule 26 issues.

Hardware-based drive image collections

Encase, DD (raw) or Smart format

Use of Electronic Content Management (ECM) Appliances

to crawl & index servers and workstations for data

Data Reduction Staging

reduce processed data footprints through deduplication and removal of known files (aka De-Nisting)

Data Reduction Processing

custodian-level deduplication and exclusion of identical file hashes for mail items

Native File Processing & Direct Export

to our Native Review and Hosting Platform

Near Duplication & Threading technologies

to group similar records for bulk tagging

Production-level identification and re-numbering

of Native File Productions

Selective batch processing

to TIFF or PDF for traditional or quasi-native productions

Culling procedures include full deduplication and keyword-based or date-based filtering. Our hosting solutions offer item and folder tagging for identifying levels of confidentiality, privileged and responsiveness. Data exports are available for Concordance®, iConect™, Ringtail™, Summation®, CaseVault®, IPRO™ and others. We also offer native file review through kCura Corporation's Relativity, providing support for unicode native files. The E-Discovery+ services include the following for one per GB charge. Full metadata and text extraction of over 500 file formats.

Full metadata and text extraction of over 500 file formats
Customized DocID's
Export & import into Concordance database(s), including native file     hyperlinking
Metadata and full-text indexing of database(s)
Database setup including user security & management (up to 5 users)
Free‡ Hosting through our LexisNexis®, FYI 3.0 and 5.0 ASP Server™

Digital Discovery & Trial features software solutions from the following providers:

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