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Ron Saunar, CEO & Director of Litigation Support Services

Ron is a 1991 graduate of UC Irvine's Humanities Program in Film Studies. With an eye for visual persuasion, he developed skills as a specialist in trial presentation, production imaging and database management.

His company has pioneered numerous litigation support services in the San Diego legal community including document imaging (1992), publishing digital video transcripts on CD and DVD (1994), electronic discovery (1998) and Concordance database hosting (2004).

He was the first certified trial presentation consultant in San Diego and assisted the US Attorney's Boiler Room Task Force in 1994. Throughout the 90's, Ron utilized his skills in courthouses throughout the west in a number of high profile cases, simultaneously developing new services and technologies in litigation support. His trial experience provides him with unique perspective in the electronic discovery industry.

Since its inception, Ron and his company, Digital Discovery & Trial™, have pioneered an extensive list of litigation support solutions. With 16 years of experience in litigation support, Ron is a valued and trusted voice in the litigation support community.

Latest News

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